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Coming Clean by Queenklu spn NC-17  
10:24pm 02/03/2009
midnytebloodlust fic recs
Title: Coming Clean
Rating: NC-17
Summary:"I dunno, the things she said, Dean," Sam breathed, "It was exactly what you would have said." Alright, so maybe Dean had been slightly distracted by Sam’s point of view on the whole demon-killing thing, but he honestly hadn’t expected Sam to start describing That Time They Had Sex.
Warnings: genderbending/bodyswitching/wincest


Comments: A really good genderswap with a twisty twist that was amazing. I can't wait to see more of what queenklu has in store for us
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Closed doors by germanjj  
11:50am 02/03/2009
midnytebloodlust fic recs
Title: Closed Doors
Author: germanjj
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A secret that ought to bring them closer together, might tear them apart.
Genre: First time, Major Angst like major major angst
Chapters: Complete 10 chapters and epilogue

Closed Doors

Comments: I loved this story, read it in one go and was impressed on how germanjj writes their characters. It is only their second story and it is definitely going to be an enjoyable to see where they goes from here.
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Starting a New Journal  
07:22pm 03/02/2009
midnytebloodlust fic recs

Basically, I was very unhappy about where my journal went for the last 42 weeks, which was absolutely nowhere. So I upgraded my account and am going to try to start something of a rec journal for my fandoms and a place for random shit I find. I am probably going to stick with Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Covenant and Anime. I will ask permission to post said fic and what not and will also ask for favorites of yours.

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